U14 Basketball Tournament Winners

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Peterhouse Boys Basketball tournament

Our boys worked hard during training in preparation for this Peterhouse basketball tournament. After winning all their group stage matches and qualified to the quarter finals against Westridge, a match which saw us through to an intense semi-final versus a well charged St Ignatius. We were down by two baskets in the first half, however during the second half it was a different game all together. We had two saving three pointers from Darlington Duwa and lay ups by Giles Munyamana managed to put us in the lead to book a place in the finals against hosts Peterhouse. In the finals the boys were confident and played with ease to run over their opposition and won the match. They lifted the shield and were crowned 2016 Peterhouse U14 boys basketball tournament champions, with no test of a defeat throughout the tournament.                        


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Heritage Hornets Results

Group stages Quarter-final Semi-final Final
WON 12 – 11
vs Gateway
WON 12 – 4
vs Westridge
WON 12 – 9
vs St Ignatius
WON 12 – 5
vs Peterhouse
WON 15 – 0
vs Wise Owl
WON 12 – 11
vs Prince Edward
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Joseph Parafinu

Deputy Head of Heritage Sports


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