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Parental Involvement

Parents are encouraged to share relevant information and ideas with school so that teachers and parents work together for the positive development of the student. Positive results have been noted where parents and teachers work together as a team. We report on the students’ progress on a brief Half Term Assessment. Parents can request to have a meeting with teachers of their choice to discuss how best the student can be assisted. We also produce full report books at the end of each term in the academic year. Formal consultation is held between parents and teachers at least two evenings in the year. This helps us to identify problems early and take action before it is too late. Parents can discuss with teachers at other times convenient to both parties also.

The role of parents

  • To be aware of the school’s expectations and to work in a supportive partnership with their son/daughter and the school in order that these expectations can be met.
  • To provide conducive surroundings.
  • To ensure that homework is completed on time.
  • To ensure that their son/daughter has enough time to complete the homework set.
  • To monitor the amount of time their son/daughter is, on average, spending and that this is broadly
  • in line with the school guidelines for his/her year group.
  • To check their son’s/daughter’s homework diary where this is appropriate.
  • To inform the school immediately, by telephone or letter, of any circumstances leading to their
  • son/daughter being unable to complete his/her homework.
  • To contact the school with any concerns.

The Head of Section may, in the event of regular problems with the completion of homework on a particular night, grant permission for homework to be completed during the lunch break. Requests for a pass to work in the library will only be granted on receipt of a written request from parents.

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