School House – Windsor

Windsor is dedicated to sporting excellence and has been developed to balance academics with sport. It is a first for The Heritage School, a first for Sport and a first for discipline. It’s the only house in The Heritage School which helps up and coming sports stars to become better at their chosen sport.

There are lots of talented sportsmen and women in The Heritage School and the Windsor aims to nurture that talent and provide the best possible opportunities for development in the School.

Windsor Shield [Colour]-[S]

  1. The Name: WINDSOR – Derives from the Windsor Castle in England.
  2. The Flag is the flag of St George of England
  3. The Flower: The rose the national flower of England. Symbolising Grace and beauty.
  4. The Mascot: The Lion symbolises Bravery, strength, ferocity, and dauntless courage.
  5. The Castle: The Heritage Castle shows the link to the Heritage school & the castle to which the house is named.
  6. The Moto: Fortitudine vincimus. Meaning: By endurance we conquer.
  7. The Colour: Red meaning Warrior and magnanimity.