School House – Edinburgh

For the past six years, the house has dominated in academic, sporting and cultural spheres of life at The Heritage School. Besides, the house is known for nurturing sports personalities that are currently representing their country in various disciplines.

The house has also developed more school prefects than any other house. Invariably, the top echelon of prefects’ body, annually, is drawn from Edinburgh house.

Edinburgh Shield [Colour]-[S]

  1. The Name: EDINBURGH – Derives from the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.
  2. The Flag: Is the flag of St Andrew of Scotland.
  3. The Flower: The thistle the national flower of Scotland. Symbolising great protection.
  4. The Mascot: The Stag symbolises Strength and fortitude and one who will not fight unless provoked.
  5. The Castle: The Heritage Castle shows the link to the Heritage school & the castle to which the house is named.
  6. The Moto: Concordia res parvae crescent. Meaning: Work together to accomplish more.
  7. The Colour: Blue meaning Truth and loyalty.