School House Caernarvon

Caernarvon house students’ talents and hobbies are continually being explored and developed through the various exciting activities organised by the house teachers and pupils. The house has dominated the inter-house speech and drama this year as well as the public speaking. The inter-house swimming trophy is currently held by the Caernarvon house. The house has continued to set the pace for true house spirit among pupils, hence, becoming a source of inspiration for high self esteem and confidence building for its membership.

Caernarvon Shield [Colour]-[S]

  1. The Name CAERNAVON – Derives from the Caernarvon Castle in Wales.
  2. The Flag is the flag of St David of Wales.
  3. The Flower. The daffodil the national flower of Wales. Symbolising Hope & Joy.
  4. The Mascot. The Dragon symbolises a most valiant defender of treasure and protector.
  5. The Castle. The Heritage Castle shows the link to the Heritage school & the castle to which the house is named.
  6. The Moto. Ubi concordia, ibi victoria. Meaning: Where there is unity, there is the victory.
  7. The Colour. Yellow meaning Generosity and elevation of the mind.