Heritage Community

Welcome to Our Community

At the Heritage School we want you to be as involved as possible with your child’s education and feel that we are working together with you and the wider school community. There are numerous opportunities for you to be involved in school life throughout the term and many events that we organise to keep you as informed as possible with your child’s education and achievements:

Regular Parents’ Evenings are held during the year where you will be invited to book appointments to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers;

  • Open Classroom Afternoons are provided in which you can visit your child in their class so that they can show you their books and talk about what they have been studying at school.
  • Parent Workshops are run throughout the year, for example in subjects such as Maths, phonics, Internet Safety, PSHCE talks etc to keep you informed and up to date with materials, resources and teaching techniques that we are using with the pupils at school.
  • Social evenings are a big part of school life and we enjoy sharing and celebrating the children’s talents and achievements in this area through many social evenings during the year.
  • Class Assemblies are held once a term in which your child’s class share what they have been studying with the whole school and parents (In the Infant & Junior Department).
  • Grandparent afternoons are organised annually as we feel it is important to recognise the value, importance and support grandparents give to their grandchildren’s education and their futures (In the Infant Department).