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We are all looking forward to the new term after surviving a long and cold winter term. The second term was however a very busy though productive term. Both teachers and children covered a lot of ground all round. It is in the second term that we try to cover as much ground as possible in the curriculum in preparation for the consolidation of the year’s work in term 3.  We are happy that the children have come back to school looking well rested and eager to get on with their school work and extra curricular activities.


We would like to thank all our mums and dads who braved the cold in the mornings last term and stayed to do reading with the children. It is admirable how our parents have supported our reading culture at the Heritage school. We hope that you also have small libraries for your children at home, and that you will once again sign up for this terms reading schedule.

After School Care

Our After School Care Programme got off to a flying start in the first term and our numbers have continued to grow. Following requests from our Year 1 and 2 parents to include a homework facility, we decided to separate the Year 1 and 2 children from Hericreche in the afternoons. The Year 1 and 2 children will be looked after in Mrs Musekiwa’s classroom and teachers on duty will help the children with homework before they are picked up. Please see admin for more information if you are interested.

“Acacia House Catering”

The school has taken over the kitchen in Acacia Boarding House with the introduction of a new menu by our new Executive Chief and his team. We are excited with this new development as our lunches are now coming from the “Chiefs Kitchen” in Acacia house. If you would like your child to order meals from the Kitchen please see admin. Rates are as follows:

Break time lunch box and drink $ 150 per term
Lunch time meal (Hericreche & Reception) $ 150 per term. Includes After School Care
Lunch time meal (Year 1&2) $ 300 per term. Includes After School Care

Important Dates

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We wish you all a wonderful term.


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