Extra Curricular Activites

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Our Clubs continue to provide inspiration and opportunities for students to be engaged in a wide range of activities. 

Mr Chiunye’s Science Club is exploring various realms, while Mr Mhandu launched the Table Tennis Club this term, starting with two boys, now supporting four boys and four girls. To date we have played a friendly with St George’s and gearing up for more competitive games as we build. And as the photos show, there’s clearly more to table tennis than most of us appreciate!


Our revived Drama Club will be producing some skits soon, and hopefully growing back up towards the full productions that Heritage has produced in the past, on the back of our strong tradition of participation in the Allied Arts festivals every year and class productions during Infant and Primary years, this is a domain that I am excited to see being nurtured within the Senior Department! Watch out for opportunities later this year to come and get a glimpse of what the students are doing. 

Simon Allott

Senior Department Headteacher

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