Cambridge Checkpoint

Later in the year our Y9 students will be sitting for the Cambridge Checkpoint English, Mathematics and Science assessments. Y9 parents and guardians, please keep an eye open for news and requirements for these assessments, which will be sent out in due course.

Examination Results

We have recently received our IGCSE and AS/A Level examination results, both of which were well in line with the expected outcomes for the year groups that wrote last year. The graphs give a summary outline of our students’ achievements.

IGCSE Results

A Level Results

It is always encouraging to see results from students that have worked hard, and for the teachers directing and supporting them it is equally rewarding. We don’t only admit academically high achieving students into Heritage, so expect a mixed bag of results. What’s important for us is that regardless of where our students are achievement-wise when they join us, we work toward ensuring that they are able to achieve the best results possible for them: for some that’s an A or A*, while for others that’s a C. We strive for a balance between acknowledging everyone is different and not allowing past results determine future achievement.

Simon Alott

Senior Department Headteacher