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One of the things we highlight at Heritage is that each of us, as we go through life and learning, has the opportunity to leave behind us a legacy, or a heritage. The question is put, “What sort of legacy do you want to leave behind? What will others see when you are no longer standing in front of them?”

Year Eight Induction

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The three-day Induction, hosted at Acacia House just before the school year began, was a great opportunity for students to get to know each other, for prefects and Y8s to establish some relationship, and to receive some leadership and life skills training.

Welcome Back…

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Greetings from the Head Teacher! We are well into the first term of a brand-new year and the staff and children in the Infant department are ready for a busy and exciting time at school. We have two main functions this term, namely our Cross Country Day and the Easter Hat Parade. We hope that our parents will give us …


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Year 7 ICT after The ZIMSEC Examinations The BBC Microbits and bit bots have unlocked a whole new world for our students in the department. The Year 7 students are enjoying programing the robots after their ZIMSEC public examination. A useful website for the children to practise at home is which has a BBC Microbit simulator. Please free to …

End Of Year Examinations

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Good luck to all students sitting for exams End of year Internal Examinations for Years 3-5 will commence from the 5th to the 9th of November 2018 and we would like to wish all of our students taking their exams the very best of luck. They have been working hard towards these important end of year examinations and now it …

Grandparents & Sports Day

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The children were delighted as their parents and grandparents came out in their numbers to support them as they participated in their various races on sports day. Tea in the classrooms with granny and grandpa afterwards was a treat. Fortune Manyanga Infant Department Headteacher

Interact Club

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Our Interact Club once again hosted what has become an annual Woman of the Moment event, involving motivational speakers from the business and other communities, a lot of set up and venue preparation (a big thank you to the Parent Committee for the hours and resources contributed!) and a lot of fun and personal preparation to look and feel good …