2015 Exam Results

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Exam season came and went once again toward the end of 2015 and our students wrote IGCSE, AS and A Level examinations with, as always, a range of outcomes. There are a number of positives that we as a school can take from the results’ analysis.

Of the 439 IGCSE papers written, our students passed a total of 327, or 75{2e6ce831b3c7d033a2b141745e40479878a9487487009d9f6cae222cc4539057} of them – at Heritage a pass is considered C grade or better. A further 20{2e6ce831b3c7d033a2b141745e40479878a9487487009d9f6cae222cc4539057} were D or E grades, so overall a very strong performance. This compares with passing 236 out of 324 papers written in 2014, which was 55{2e6ce831b3c7d033a2b141745e40479878a9487487009d9f6cae222cc4539057}.

In our AS and A level exams we saw a marginal improvement from 29{2e6ce831b3c7d033a2b141745e40479878a9487487009d9f6cae222cc4539057} and 45{2e6ce831b3c7d033a2b141745e40479878a9487487009d9f6cae222cc4539057} in 2014 to 35{2e6ce831b3c7d033a2b141745e40479878a9487487009d9f6cae222cc4539057} and 47{2e6ce831b3c7d033a2b141745e40479878a9487487009d9f6cae222cc4539057} passed papers in 2015. While not at the standard we are striving to attain, the 2015 A level results compare very well against the results for AS in 2014, reflecting significantly improved outcomes for the Year 13 students during 2015.

At Heritage we work to provide a broad, relevant curriculum at both IGCSE and AS/A Level, and our senior teachers are on hand to give advice and counselling about subject selections and study requirements and strategies, so please encourage your children to approach their teachers at any point they feel they need some help to keep on top of their demanding school life.



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