Heritage Admissions

The Heritage School is divided into four departments;

  • Hericrèche (Pre-School) 
  • The Infant Department 
  • The Junior Department 
  • The Senior Department 

Pupils may join the school at a variety of ages as places become available, but the main entry points are 1-3 years olds (Hericreche), 4 year olds (Reception) 12+ years old (Year 8) where we have two new classes in each age group starting every January.

Please call the School Bursar’s office to make an appointment to collect your application form or complete the online form. Applications cost $100.00 you will also need a passport photo of the applicant, a copy of the last two school reports (if the child is over 4yrs) and a copy of the child’s Birth certificate to complete the form.

The Heritage School operates an academic curriculum based on the British National Curriculum which has been adapted for Zimbabwe. Pupils study Key Stage 4 leading to IGCSE, and ZIMSEC (Zimbabwe National exams). This is subject to change dependent on the preference of the academic departments concerned and the suitability of courses for the pupils in the School. The use of the two systems is to provide courses which suit the individual needs of each pupil.

Entry to The Heritage School is competitive and dependent on the capability of the pupil to benefit from the courses on offer and space being available in classes.

Pupils should normally be the correct age for the year group based on January 1st cut off with a pupil attaining the correct age for the appropriate class. Those younger will need to show appropriate academic achievement and level of maturity, those older will be expected to have an acceptable reason for being in a different year group. For entry to The Heritage School, pupils normally undertake entrance tests and a report is requested from their current school. The Report will request information about a candidate’s disciplinary record. The school will not normally accept a pupil who has committed offenses at another school which would have led to removal had they occurred at The Heritage School.
Examinations are arranged in such a way as not to disadvantage pupils with a disability.

Pupils are considered for entry at other times if space is available. Normally a school report is sufficient if it provides evidence of achievement in appropriate courses but candidates may be asked to take examinations if there are doubts as to their suitability for the courses undertaken at The Heritage School. Entry to Sixth Form may also be subject to appropriate success in external examinations such as IGCSE or similar international systems.

We encourage all parents and prospective pupils to visit us in order to gain a true understanding of what Heritage has to offer. We will have the opportunity to discuss pupils’ requirements.

Applications are welcomed for 2016 and beyond, as well as for the forthcoming academic year.

You are very welcome to contact our Admissions Secretary.

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