Hot Lunches

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The Heritage School continues to expand and offer Parents more and more.

The Heritage School Boarding House is taking shape quickly and has been a great success and is setting a new standard of boarding in Africa! The boarding house Catering Company “Introwise”  also offers our day students  “Hot Lunches” this is an excellent opportunity for day scholars to have a hot lunch at school. This means you will no longer have to pack lunch for them, what wonderful news!

The Heritage School “Hot Lunches” will be on offer to all students from Year 1 to Upper Sixth. The menu for these lunches will be posted on the website termly so you can see what your child will be eating on a daily basis. Should you wish to see a sample of this menu please click on the Blue “Lunch Menu” button below. Lunch will also include dessert and a fresh cold drink too!

All hot Lunches are offered Termly only! the cost of this Terms hot lunches are set at $300.00 per term (this works out at approximately $4.50 per day). Please also note that Parents should pay on or before the first day of term.

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