Examination Boards

Public Examinations

Our current curriculum is a blend of the best of local practice together with modern ideas taken mainly from the UK National Curriculum. With regard to public examinations, we offer the current Zimsec GCE ‘O’ Level examinations, as the Ministry of Education requires, but we also offer IGCSE (the International General Certificate of Secondary Education), and external ‘A’ Levels. The Ministry has approved our intention to offer these external examinations, and we are a Recognised Centre for the Cambridge Board (UCLES) for IGCSE & HIGCSE. 
IGCSE offers students internationally recognised qualifications, which will be recognised by institutions offering Higher Education courses anywhere in the civilised world.  The examination is based less upon simple retention of content than is the GCE ‘O’ Level, and is more modern in its approach, emphasising the development of skills of study and analysis which are transferable to other subjects and areas of life.  Under the assessment scheme which we have adopted, there is also a strong element of coursework involved in the syllabus, and this contributes to the final examination mark alongside the formal written papers and evaluation of practical performance in appropriate subjects.  This offers a greater variety of learning experience as well as removing some of the stress encountered in formal examinations that are decided entirely upon a once-only end of course formal test. 
Some of our teachers have prior experience of GCSE, and have already received accreditation to set coursework tasks and to carry out coursework assessments, and the others are undertaking training courses with UCLES to qualify them in this respect. As we progress to sixth form we will offer both local and external ‘A’ levels
It is expected that students will take as many IGCSE examinations as they are able in order to have a wide general education.
The Heritage School is an approved examination centre for the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate.
For those students wishing to further their education top grade IGCSE grades are required to proceed to Advanced Level. Students choose one subject only from each block they are recommended to chose a minimum of four subjects including English language (a compulsory subject).
It is hoped that a considerable proportion of Heritage students will continue their education at University or other colleges of further education.