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The World Bank engaged within the Water Supply Program Project (US $55.1 million, 2004–2010) to assist Bangladesh meet the Millennium Development Goals for water and sanitation by 2015. Program targets included reducing the number of rural households dependent on arsenic-contaminated groundwater, in addition to improving the delivery of water companies in rural villages (World Bank 2008b; World Bank 2008c; World Bank 2009c). The rights of riparian house owners to obtain naturally-flowing water from larger estates or land are assured beneath the draft Water Act.

Three Himalayan rivers – the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna – converge in Bangladesh to form the world’s largest delta. At least 20% of the nation floods annually, and forty% of the nation floods each few years, destroying crops, infrastructure and housing, and eroding agricultural land.

The sharecropper and the landowner each receive one-third of the crop; the remaining third is allotted based mostly on every get together’s share of the costs. The sharecropper has a proper of first refusal to purchase the sharecropped land at market worth (Uddin and Haque 2009; Shafi and Payne 2007; Anwar 2006). The State Acquisition and Tenancy Act of 1950 established a 33-acre land ceiling on non-public landowners, with the excess transferred to the government upon fee of compensation. Local government was charged with transferring the excess land to the landless.

The incidence, extent, and stage of flooding is anticipated to extend in the future on account of local weather change (World Bank 2009a; ADB 2004b; World Bank 2006b). This program emphasizes land entry redistribution and reportedly has benefited 867,000 individuals . Disputes regarding the registration of land titles fall inside the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Land.

The Land Reforms Ordinance of 1984 positioned a 21-acre ceiling on acquisition or holding of agricultural land and invalidated benami transactions, in which a person purchases land within the name of another so as to evade the land ceiling. Neither land ceiling law has been broadly implemented (ANGOC 2001; Uddin and Haque 2009). Bangladesh is vulnerable to annual flooding, with 80% of the country’s land space inside floodplains. High-depth cropping methods, soil and riverbank erosion, and lack of wetlands resulting from flood control, drainage and irrigation initiatives are inflicting substantial land degradation . Deforestation, resulting from illegal logging, resettlement of individuals, pure disasters, extraction of resources, and encroachment for agriculture, is a continuing risk.

Incentives for increasing non-agricultural sources of employment are wanted, in addition to measures that will allow those remaining within the agricultural sector to take care of productiveness levels and achieve larger charges of labor productiveness. More rational and equitable use of the state-owned khas land could, as instructed by many analysts, be part of this transition. Bangladesh has made vital strides in flood prediction and disaster preparedness in recent years, but the nation’s location within the floodplains of three main rivers makes it especially weak. Projected adjustments in river flows and freshwater availability, floor drainage congestion and inundation, sea-degree rise and salt water intrusion, elevated floods, and coastal storms pose vital risk.


Government management of those forested areas has not necessarily led to extra sustainable administration of the resource . Under the Bangladesh Private Forest Act 1959, the government can take over administration of privately-owned forest land, land that would turn into forested, or land that has lain fallow for more than three years. The regulation permits the federal government to require private forest-land owners to develop and abide by forest administration plans or risk lack of the forest land to the state . The World Bank has partnered with the government to institutionalize participatory water administration, strengthen water sector institutions, and maintain and improve operations of flood-control infrastructure.

Some disputes are resolved before an informal dispute decision physique called a shalish, over which influential local leaders preside. Disputes that enter the formal dispute decision system start earlier than an area-level official and can proceed concurrently via the executive dispute resolution system and the civil court system. Land instances may take 15–20 years to resolve, and few however the rich can afford the time and money to implement their land rights via the formal system (Uddin and Haque 2009; CARE 2003). The Board of Investment of the Bangladesh government estimates the common value of developed land in industrial belts to be between US $10 and $15 per sq. meter, relying on location.

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Riparian homeowners are restricted from constructing works that may impede the pure move of water unless they provide an alternate drainage source . Internal renewable water assets in Bangladesh are estimated at a hundred and five cubic kilometers.

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People also depend on forest assets for fuel, building supplies, fodder and food. Land rights are insecure in large measure because of an inefficient, costly, and corruption-susceptible system of land titling and registration. USAID’s work on governance and economic growth in Bangladesh supplies a possible basis to assist Bangladesh’s Land Use Policy, the aim of which is to streamline land transactions and registration and to cut back corruption. To address the dual challenges of food safety and local weather change, Bangladesh and its external partners will need to tackle land and water issues extra aggressively.

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The average price of building on this land is between US $a hundred and $a hundred twenty five per square meter . In the Chittagong Hills Tracts region, authority over land issues is shared by the central authorities and the normal establishments. The Capital Development Authority of Bangladesh, RAJUK, has duty for improvement, planning and land-use management in Dhaka City.

Statistics differ broadly concerning the percentage of land acquired by way of land-grabbing; it is probably significant, nonetheless check this out . About one-third of all rural households lease in land, with sharecropping constituting the most typical association.

RAJUK has an acquisitions division to obtain land for development initiatives, which include construction of roads and transportation services, as well as development of private housing complexes and new townships . Rural women usually present the first labor on household land and are severely affected by land loss attributable to frequent flooding and erosion. Subsistence and revenue-producing crops are often misplaced, and girls often can’t receive compensation for losses as a result of the land is never registered in their names . Land-grabbing occurs when encroachers on public lands create false documents and get court decrees to confirm their ownership. Most land-grabbers are influential persons who get land-administration and management departments to help them in forging documents.

The majority of water (ninety six%) is used for agriculture, adopted by home use (three%), and industrial use (0.7%). Despite widespread flooding, the majority of the agricultural population experiences water shortages in the course of the dry season (FAO 1999; Gupta et al. 2005; IMF 2005; World Bank 2009a).